What is SEO Strategy?

One of the most important  marketing strategies for any business or startup is the SEO Strategy. Read my article on why organic reach is a better long-term investment than paid reach.

The topic is quite big but here’s a summary of a possible, simple and straightforward strategy: 

#1 Understand your business/niche very well and what value it brings to the world.

#2 Find out what questions people might ask that your business/brand answers (again, related to “value”)

#3 Analyse your competitors’ or similar businesses’ website(s)

#4 Start your keyword research based on the results you got from 1-2-3 and find out the most relevant and most trendy keywords that are related to your business (usually short phrases)

#5 Make sure that your website’s meta tags, page titles and headings have the most important keywords (don’t do keyword stuffing, Google might penalize you for that SEO Strategy That is Easy for Business Owners to Implement )

#6 Create high quality content related to your business. Make sure you use the keywords/phrases that you got from step 4, or find/add new ones.

#7 Create a strategy to build back-links from high quality websites/blogs to your website (very important, this alone is a whole separate topic SEO Strategy That is Easy for Business Owners to Implement )

#8 Build your social media following and keep posting. Use Facebook/Instagram/Linkedin/G+…etc. And don’t forget the second largest search engine in the world (YouTube)

#9 Use images and graphics to create great user experience and attract reads.

#10 Do the technical side of SEO like connecting your website with different search engines, and keep monitoring the results; watch out for crawling errors or any warnings/messages.

#11 Keep learning and reading about new techniques.

Finally, you can definitely do all of that yourself or (even better) if you’ve got a budget, hire a part-timer SEO to do it for you.