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Let’s Build …

Building your high class online presence.
Your journey in the Online world begins, with a great momentum!

Here you can find affordable and high quality web design. I’m based in Vancouver, British Columbia and building web presence for clients in London, Los Angeles, Dublin, Toronto, NYC, Ottawa and Florence.

Website Design Packages

Toy Services

1-3 pages – Ideal as a starting point for those who just need to exist online and they’re on a tight budget

+ Current website or situation audit/chat

+ Audiesnce analysis

+ Site hierarchy & features determination

+ 2 rounds of home page concept design

+ 3 interior pages design from scratch

+ Premium high quality theme

+ Adjusting design for mobile and tablet look

+ Final edits and adjustments

+ SSL page encryption certificate instalation

+ Migration from slow hosting if needed

+ 2  (30 min) Video calls or offline meetings.

+ Unlimited email and what’s app or Facebook chats throughought the lifecycle of the project.


Miniature Services

4-8 pages – Ideal for those who want to establish their branded website online. Those who need more than just to exist on the web, they need a lot of their business information, structure, services to be accessible via their website. This plan offers everything in “Exist Online” plan plus the features below.

+ Branding & Colors/Fonts Guide

+ Domain Name Research Help & Advice

+ Managed Fast Cloud HTTP2 Server Setup (recurring yearly cost to keep the server running)

+ Dedicated Website IP address

+ Content Delivery Network & Firewall Configuration

+ Website Speed Optimizations

+ Free Old Website Migration If Needed

+ Installing/Config Necessary Plugins

+ Basic Security Settings

+ 2-4 (30 min) video calls or offline meetings

Standard Services

8-12 pages – Ideal for businesses that need more pages, very fast and very optimized website. For a business that prefers to have services and information breakdown in multiple pages designed from scratch for that purpose. This business also need a blog to publish updates, news and information to the targeted audience. This plan offers everything in “Beyond Existence” plan plus the features below.

+ Priority support

+ 2-4 (1.5h) in-person or online training on how to use the website, add content and many other website related updates, for you or your staff.

+ Business email setup (extra small yearly cost per account paind to the email serivce provider)

+ Additional basic website features.

+ Basic website logo design

+ 4-6 (30 min) video calls or offline meetings

Search Engine Optimization Packages


Let me do a full SEO audit of your current website to assess your current stand in terms of SEO. This audit will tell you what your website lacks/needs to have a chance to rank higher on search engines. Whether technical or content related, the report generated for you will give you good insights. 

+ SEO audit + report

+ 1 call with me to explain the results



Based on your brand identiy, message, your targetted audience and customer personas, in this plan I will do a keyword and potential back link opportunites research. You will get a report or excel sheet with the top business related keywords that you should use and optimize for in your content to be found by your prospect clients. 

+ Research + report

+ 1 call with me to discuss the research.



This plan includes everything in the Research plan. In addition to that, it includes full website optimization for international or local search or both. Please note that for the price of this plan I will optimize a website of 3-8 pages. If your website is bigger than that, please send me an email to get a price quote.

+ Drawing custom SEO strategy

+ Creating list of necessary updates

+ Connecting website to major search engines

+ Applying basic SEO changes to pages

+ Updating pages’ descriptions/titles

+ Basic speed optimization

+ Adding page encryption (SSL) if needed

+ 1-2 calls 


Let’s Maintain …

Now that we’ve built you your solid online presense, we need to keep it maintained and up to date. Your SEO, website backend and security need to be kept under watch. Worry not, I have very resonable web presence maintenance plans for you!

Web Presence Maintenance Packages


I built your website or you already have one, it takes a lot of work and experience to keep it up to date and secure. You don’t have the time nor the experience to do so, I will be your web admin for a very resonable montlhy fee. Keep your business looking great online! Please note that the below fee is general. If you have special requirments, the fee might be different, please contact me with more details to discuss. 

+ Website backend safe updates

+ Monthly backups

+ 1-2 small website edits per month

+ Security monitoring



I finished optimizing your web presence. Now you need to keep your website/content SEO optimized for search engines. You need to keep monitoring your ranking and many other SEO related things. In this plan, I will make sure your SEO settings are optimal and keep you in the loop on how your web presence is advancing in ranking. I will also do SEO related updates. Please note that his plan covers websites of about 3-8 pages in size and a small blog. If you have a bigger website we might have to discuss a different pricing or agree on the same. Get in touch and let’s talk! 

+ Pages & posts meta description updates

+ Analytics and search console monitoring

+ New content SEO updates


Want additional benifits or have something different in mind? no problem, send me your current business needs and I will happily prepare a quote accordingly! Get A Quote